Pilot Anti-Icing

Pilot Anti-Icing is providing an instant view of your holdover time (Generic Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4) based on the 2019-2020 FAA holdover time tables for Aircraft ground deicing.

Our Philosophy is seamless: Make it EASY, Keep It SIMPLE.

We work specifically with you:

–        Pilots

–        Flight Engineers

–        Aircraft engineers

–        Ground de-icing coordinators

You have an instant access to the relevant holdover time based on the fluid sprayed on your aircraft.

These guidelines are designed for real-life and for training purposes.

Accurately, in a blink, with your user’s logic.

Our unique features are:

–        Smart Layout inspired by latest Avionics designs: What you read is CLEAR

–        Smart Keyboard: purposely designed keyboard addressing user’s needs: forget about the constant swaps to find the numeric keys: What you type is ADEQUATE

– Smart Visibility vs Intensity Toolbox: Finding the current intensity as a function of visibility is EASY

–        Currently available in English (French, Spanish, German, Chinese in progress): What you see is GLOBAL

–        Database version: FAA official 2019-2020: What you see is UP-TO-DATE.


“YouFly Apps: Inspired by Aviation, Engineered with Passion”