Pilot Dangerous Goods

Pilot Dangerous Goods ERG is providing you a Dangerous Goods Emergency Response guide based on the reworked IATA and OACI references.

Our Philosophy is seamless: Make it EASY, Keep It SIMPLE.

We work specifically with you:

–        Pilots

–        Cabin Crews

–        Flight Engineers

–        Ground Engineers

–        Members of fire brigades

–        Dangerous Goods Officers (companies, freight loaders, cargo, transport operations, warehousing, logistics)

We provide you the relevant information from the loadsheet to the Emergency Response in case of an incident or accident.

Accurately, in a blink, with your user’s logic.

You have an easy access to a series of exclusive check-lists to help your decision making and to give you conservatory guidelines in case of a leak, fire, or battery issue.

These guidelines are designed for flight deck and cabin crews: for real-life and for training purposes.

Our unique features are:

–        Smart Search: Offline access to all data from Dangerous Goods list. Our specific DFD algorithm enables an on-the-fly predictive search by UN number or product name indistinctively. Lightning Fast: What you search is INSTANT.

–        Smart Emergency Response in case of incident or for information checking. The response already integrates any Drill Letter specification, hazard label with Class and division: What you read is CLEAR

–        Smart Checklists inspired by latest Avionics designs: What you use is EASY

–        Smart Keyboard: purposely designed keyboard addressing user’s needs: forget about the constant swaps to find the numeric keys: What you type is ADEQUATE

–        Currently available in English (French, Spanish, German, Chinese in progress): What you see is GLOBAL

–        Database version: 2017-2018: What you see is UP-TO-DATE.


“YouFly Apps: Inspired by Aviation, Engineered with Passion”